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Frequently Asked Questions:

To the right you will find questions that are commonly asked. If you cannot find the answer to your particular question, please contact the clinic at (816) 776-3737
General Questions:

What payment options are available? (answer)
Do I need an appointment to see the doctor? (answer)

Companion Animal:

What symptoms would constitute a visit to my veterinarian? (answer)
When should my new puppy or kitten first have vaccinations? (answer)
At what age can my pet be spayed or neutered? (answer)
What is the best food to feed my pet? (answer)
Is heartworm prevention necessary if my pet never goes outside? (answer)
What is the best product for flea and tick control? (answer)
What should I do if I think my animal has eaten something poisonous? (answer)
If my dog or cat has intestinal worms, can my family be at risk? (answer)


How often should I deworm my horse? (answer)
What is a coggins test? And do I need one for my horse? (answer)
Is West Nile Virus a concern in this area and should I vaccinate to prevent this disease? (answer)
What services are offered for reproduction in horses? (answer)

Food Animal:

Do I need an appointment for herd work/cattle processing? (answer)
Do you make farm visits for cattle or can I bring my animals there to the clinic? (answer)
Is it important to fertility test my herd bull? (answer)
Do you offer services for sheep and goats? (answer)
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